Camping directly at Ringkøbing Fjord

Experience the cozy atmosphere

Motorhomes are very welcome at Bjerregaard Camping - both for the short stay, if you are on the road, or the slightly longer holiday stay, where there is more time to experience the cozy atmosphere on the site and in the beautiful area around Hvide Sande.

Magnificent views of the fjord as well as the Tipperne bird sanctuary. Despite the fact that the square is located on the North Sea, there are good shelters and very varying places, some overlooking the fjord, others located quietly and with good shelter options.


Motorhome pitches

There is a special area for camper vans within the boom, but it is not a requirement that these are used – which is as in caravans and tents etc. "free choice" throughout the site.

There are good facilities for emptying the camper van, and the other facilities of the campsite are of course available.

Camper (RVs)<br>


If you arrive late, or just want a transit place to the "Quick Stop", we have places outside the boom for only DKK 120,- per night (arrival after 20:00 - departure before 10:00 and incl. 2 persons).

If you want a "Quick-stop" pitch within the boom, the price is DKK 140 per night (arrival after 20:00 - departure before 10:00 and incl. 2 persons).

Extras cost DKK 40,- for adults and DKK 20,- per child.

Service building

Our centrally located service building includes:

Toilets, bathrooms and family rooms, shared kitchen with hobs and ovens. From the kitchen there is direct access to the living room with TV. In addition, laundry with washing machines and dryers, as well as rental bathrooms.

The service building appears very bright and friendly, and cleaning is a very high priority.

In the bathrooms, do not bother with coins or cards, as hot water is included in the price.


Click on the map to enlarge.

The locations of the pitches are very varied in terms of views, shelters and tranquillity, etc. 

When you arrive, you can change your seat number at no extra charge if you wish. (of course, requires that the pitch you wish is available and the change must be made at check-in).

Dogs at the campsite

Of course, the dog must also have a holiday – just take it to Bjerregaard Camping. Dogs are very welcome at Bjerregaard Camping, and the West Jutland nature is a perfect place for the 4 legged. The North Sea is a 10-minute walk from the site and it is just 8 km from a lovely dog forest in Blaajerg.

Rent a private bath and toilet

Make your stay at Bjerregaard Camping even more convenient. Rent your own bathroom for only € 10,42 per day. The bathroom includes:
  • Toilet
  • 2 showers
  • 2 sinks
  • Shelves for storage

Mandatory final cleaning dkk 100,- added to the price.  The bathroom can be booked online along with the stay.

Season Pitch

Now it's time to book your season ticket for 2023.

We still have places available for permanent residents - both seasonal and spring places.

The price for a seasonal pitch (31/3 - 30/9) is DKK 9.300,- while the price for a spring pitch (31/3-30/6) is DKK 4.000-.
seasonal and spring pitches are incl:

  • 2 adults
  • Day guests
  • Free wireless internet
  • Hot water in bathrooms
  • Dog
  • Children under 20 living at home
  • Outdoor winter storage of the wagon (at your own risk - only for seasonal pitches)

but excl. power consumption by meter.

Contact us by phone for more information - 97315044

Free Internet

Free internet is available for all our guests. You can connect to our internet system in almost the entire space – there may be some disturbances. The system can be applied to all media , such as media. laptop, smartphones and tablets.

In addition, fibre networks have been installed on part of the site, and the connection in, and around the pavilion is now even faster and more stable than the network around the square. This admission is also free.

General conditions - camping

  • The space is available on the day of arrival at 10:00. 12:00.
  • The square must be vacted on the day of departure before 10:00. 12:00.
  • The rental price is excl. power – must be purchased.
  • Distance requirements according to the applicable legislation – min. 1.50 metres from the boundary.
  • Reference is also made to the price list.


Bring your own caravan or tent.


Rent a cabin . From 2 to 5 people.

Camper (RVs)

Special motorhome area or optional pitch .


With bath and toilet and 6 beds.

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