Bring the dog

Camping holiday with dog

Of course, the dog needs a holiday too - so bring him along to Bjerregaard Camping. 

The perfect camping holiday with dog

Holidays can mean as much to your four-legged friend as it does to you. It gets to spend all day with you and can lie happy and tired in your lap in the evening after an eventful and active day.

Hvide Sande is a dog-friendly area where you can take your dog on a host of different adventures. The West Jutland countryside is a perfect playground for your four-legged friend.

Bjerregaard The campsite is located right by Bjerregård beach, where you can have many hours of fun with your dog. You have only a 10 minute walk to the North Sea, where you can take your dog for a long walk or swim. You can choose from many different hiking routes that you and your dog can embark on. For example, you can take the long nature trail that winds through the countryside all the way between Hvide Sande and Nymindegab.

Walk on the beach

There is ample opportunity to take your dog down to the beach and enjoy a good walk with your best friend. The beach is only a 10-minute walk from the campsite. 

A dog forest nearby

Eight km from the campsite you will also find a nice dog forest in Blåbjerg Dune Plantation, where your dog can really get to romp and meet other dogs.

Dog and lady stand at the edge of the water by the beach


How far is it down to the beach?

It is just a 10-minute walk from the campsite down to the North Sea. 

Can we bring more dogs?

Yes, you are allowed to bring more dogs. However, you pay a price per dog. 

Is it okay to bring large dogs?

Yes, of course. We welcome all dogs at Bjerregaard Camping. 

Is there a dog park nearby?

There is a dog park/forest just 8km from the site, which is located in Blåbjerg Dune Plantation. 

Should the dog be vaccinated?

It is not mandatory to have your dog vaccinated in Denmark, but the Danish veterinary profession recommends it. It is also recommended that the dog be vaccinated against kennel cough if it is to be around other dogs. 

Does it cost anything to bring a dog?

Yes, we charge a small fee of DKK 15,- per dog. 


Bring your own caravan or tent.


Rent a cabin . From 2 to 5 people.

Camper (RVs)

Special motorhome area or optional pitch .


With bath and toilet and 6 beds.

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